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Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-505-326-4700
Report Abuse or Neglect: 1-855-333-7233

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Employment Opportunities

Current Job Opportunities

Human Resources Coordinator

  • Recruit Personnel: Process ads and applications of candidates for employment, , contractors, and volunteers. Post job openings in Childhaven facilities’ bulletin boards and via online portals such as Indeed, local newspapers and job posting sites by communicating with CEO and Program Directors regarding anticipated openings.
  • Pre-Employment Screening: Pre-interviewing, scheduling in-person or online interviews with Program Directors, CEO, and Supervisors. Conduct online background screenings, verify all personal references, prior employment, and education entities for accuracy.
  • Post-Employment Screening: -Complete State, Local background, and Motor Vehicle verification. Contact IT department to setup company email and necessary computer permissions. Assign red/blue (unclear/clear) identification badge, ensuring employee, contractor, and/or volunteer understands the relevance and necessity of them.
  • Onboarding: Ensure all required documents are copied, completed, and/or signed. Overseeing the training on general Childhaven policies and procedures and coordination of with supervisors for department specific orientation. Review benefits, responsibilities, and trainings required for position. Assign keys, key FOB’s, phone extension, and equipment. Credential staff and contractors, as necessary. Print business cards if needed.
  • File Maintenance: Ensure all current and past personnel files are complete, up-to-date, and accurate, by conducting monthly audits, assisting in yearly state audits, and tracking and updating employee spreadsheet.
  • Prepare timecards for employees and volunteers.
  • Communications (CEO, CFO, Program Directors): Communicate immediately with CEO, CFO and Program Directors regarding personnel issues, including but not limited to changes to employee/employment status, grievances, complaints, and safety concerns. Document these communications with personnel and forward to appropriate supervisor and CFO.
  • Communications (Employee): Schedule and assist with interviews of staff for hiring and any ongoing personnel issues, verbal warnings, action plans, concerns, or incidents. Assure thorough documentation, communication, and timely filing.
  • Documentation: Assure documentation and resolution of all complaints/grievances, evaluation/survey feedback is shared with the CEO immediately and monthly via the Continuous Quality Assurance Committee to work to resolve any personnel issues and update any needed policies and procedures to assure a productive and congenial workplace.
  • Unemployment/Workman’s Compensation: Assist with unemployment and Workman’s Compensation claims are completed and processed in a timely manner.
  • Social Activities: Coordinate regular employee social activities on a periodic basis and assure recognition of birthdays and significant work anniversaries. Publish a regular employee newsletter to help train staff and contractors on policies/procedures, benefits and assuring a safe work environment.
  • Mail/Correspondence: Daily gathering, sorting, date-stamping, and delivering to appropriate program/individual of incoming mail and inter-office correspondence.

Youth Advocate – Farmington, NM

  • Ensure intake and discharge forms and procedures are completed properly on each resident.
  • Supervise Childhaven resident’s infant to seventeen yr. olds. Tend to physical, emotional, social, intellectual and nutritional needs of children.
  • Assist children with personal hygiene, life skills, cleaning rooms, laundry, taking care of facility and supplies.

Foster Parent – Farmington, NM

Contract Positions – Work with children and youth, ages 5-17. Experience with traumatized children and completing a comprehensive background check and home study is required. Apply onsite at 807 W. Apache St., Farmington, NM 87401.

Interns – Farmington, NM

Childhaven offers internships from high school to Masters and Bachelors level. Please contact the Human Resources Coordinator at (505) 592-0623 for more information. All interns need to fill out our volunteer application and will need three references.


Application Instructions

**Note: Applicants who apply on Indeed must also complete Childhaven's internal application process.

  • Send resume and cover letter to: Childhaven, 807 W Apache St., Farmington, NM 87401 or
  • Fill out our application form
  • Have three references (two professional and one personal reference) fill out this form.  Professional references should not be co-workers.

Send resume, cover letter, application form and references to:

Attn: Human Resources Coordinator, Childhaven
807 W Apache St., Farmington, NM 87401

Or email to

Questions? Please call Human Resources Coordinator (505) 325-5358 ext.203.



Affiliated with:

CASA For Children
National Children's Alliance
The Local United Way