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Bonnie’s Pilgrimage of Hope

April 24th, 2024

Over ten days, Bonnie Adams will be making an 81-mile “Pilgrimage of Hope” on the Camino de Santiago for Childhaven from May 7th to May 17th from Samos to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This is a pilgrimage that people have been making for centuries. She is walking alongside her husband, Dr. Merrill Adams, to reflect on her life and to determine her focus for the future.

Bonnie is partnering with the Childhaven Foundation’s Spring Campaign during her journey because she recognizes Childhaven’s focus on children is a focus of hers for the future. Childhaven performs its mission of “Lifting Children from Crisis to Hope” by supporting child abuse victims and their supportive family members. We aim to see the children in our community grow into thriving futures because we know every child deserves hope– and Bonnie agrees.

Childhaven is honored that Bonnie chose to support the Childhaven Foundation as she experiences her Camino journey. Anyone who wants to donate to the Childhaven Foundation’s Spring Campaign in support of Bonnie’s pilgrimage and the children we serve, can do so by using the link below.

Follow our Facebook page where we will keep you updated on Bonnie’s pilgrimage as she makes her way to Santiago de Compostela!

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